By Wayla Duley

Once upon a time,
When you were mine,
Life was all a glow.
We would never even know,
That it would end so quick,
With one little trick.
Once you were here,
It brings a tear,
To know that I realized my biggest fear.
Oh how I wish to feel your embrace,
But then again it never had any lace.
Now I realize,
That it was all lies.
So the truth be known,
Now that I have grown.
You never loved me,
Like Once I loved thee.


Never For Me

By Wayla Duley

How terrible it is to know,

Before long it’s your time to go.

If you had told me,

That I would always be free,

I would not have believed thee.

You cannot ever understand,

What it is like to hold one in your hand,

And never be able to form your band.

Little feet falling softly on the floor,

Why can I not open that door ?

How I long to brush her hair,

Somehow it just doesnt seem fair.

You always say wait and see,

And it will be given thee.

I do not want to wait,

It has now grown too late.

For I am old now you see,

And I will never know the glee,

Of having one on my knee.

Yes, I have prayed and cried,

Still my time I must bide.

Until that day,

I have to go away.

Who will visit my tomb,

For there has never been anyone in my womb.

I wish I could have had,

Someone to make me glad.

But now you see,

Time and sorrow has come for me,

And now I must be,

The one who can see,

Motherhood wasn’t not meant for me.

If one day you happen upon my grave,

It’s the one near the cave.

Don’t feel sad,

For I am not mad,

Children were for you and not me to have had.